Christina Suwardi

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Christina Suwardi

“No magical formula theory that explain why this house could be the home that we were always looking for.

We create the place to be cozy and feel safe, a place for gatherings,...mostly place for memories.”

About Christina

"...the perfect time never arrives, start where you are with what you have..."

In each of my projects I label them as "home". Because that project related with my client passion and comfort zone, living in it. Then I set out with a singular mission : finding home. It means I want to inspiring peoples to style this translated design into their homes. The modern style will fulfill their ideas of finding their ideas of finding their home's design. I wanted to be fully immersed in their worlds and found that we had very sensitive reactions to each space and subjects. It was emotional and visceral, a journey to finding home.

Christina's Portolio

Kisah Ruang designers showcase their most memorable work in their portfolio. Their connection and interaction with their clients is what truly drives a successful project. Take a peek into some of this designer’s proudest rooms.

Living room
Dining room

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