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Those are my perspectives toward the design industry in Indonesia. Our country is blessed with ample cultural and social capital; and as a born and raised Indonesian designer, there is nowhere else that I would draw inspiration from. Since I began my career 12 years ago, I have always embraced my identity as an Indonesian, leaning on the country's multitude of culture and centuries of craftmanship deliver aesthetic through Vin/da/te Interior & Architecture, the design consulting company I founded with my partners as well as Poros Living, the furniture arm of Vin/da/te.

The batik pattern that government officials don proudly on important events, for example, became my influence when designing wall patterns at a commercial dining area. Traditional hand weaving skills that have been passed on from one generation to another also became my inspiration for Alita chair, one of the many Poros Living’s products.

Since I began my career too, I am very much aware that certain discipline needs to be in place for one to succeed as a designer. While I look to my own culture for design inspiration, I contemplate outward for professional structures and framework. The international standard of interior design remains to be a guiding framework for all my creative work. Meanwhile, the projects that we have taken upon through the decade and the challenges that they present have served as invaluable learning playground, where I am able to hone my problem-solving skill as a designer. It is that pragmatic discipline that drives my partners and I to build Vin/da/te and later Poros, to push through tough projects and eventually to thrive on the learnings.

It has been fulfilling and proud to watch both Vin/da/te and Poros to grow and become distinctive voice in Indonesia’s design landscape as well as commercially successful ventures, earning accolades and impressions from Jakarta residents, business operators and design enthusiasts. There is so many dots and connections in life and it is my deep hope to leave a legacy as I trail forward. I regularly meet with design students in Indonesia in both formal and informal settings, sharing my failures and victories, hoping that it would help them grow and become the best version of themselves.

Most recently, I had the honor to speak in my alma mater as the first representative from the Faculty of Art and Design, a responsibility that I did not take lightly. It is my hope to leave a legacy too that inspires me to craft Mandala, an eight-sided artwork that represents my thoughts on humanity in its light and darkness and at the same time, my fondness for Indonesia’s aesthetic and the design industry’s discipline. Mandala is my personal contemplation on life but the artwork has become inspiration for others too, currently gracing a commercial building in Dubai and a residential in Melbourne, Australia. Looking forward, I still have so much to be truly excited about. Staying close to my source of inspiration, Indonesia and to my source of discipline, the design industry, will ensure that I walk on the right path, hopefully leaving trails of inspiration for others as I make my way forward. It has been a great adventure to channel my creativity and passion through Vin/da/te and Poros through the years. They have formed their identity through the many projects, experiments and errors that we had completed. Along with that, I too have evolved in the process, forming and especially sharpening my own identity as a designer and growing everyday as an individual.

Hans's Portolio

Kisah Ruang designers showcase their most memorable work in their portfolio. Their connection and interaction with their clients is what truly drives a successful project. Take a peek into some of this designer’s proudest rooms.

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